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The information in this toolkit is designed for all types of organizations to help encourage individuals to think about and discuss with their family, close friends and healthcare providers their wishes for care through the end of life, so those wishes can be understood and respected.

There are lots of great resources out there, and we have borrowed liberally from a number of them, mostly from

We hope you will share the information in this toolkit with your company, your fellow civic group members, church members, PTO friends, etc.

The information is brought to you by the Alabama Hospital Association, Alabama’s Palliative Care Council and the Birmingham Area Healthcare Coalition, sponsored by AlaHA and Alliant Health Solutions.

Step 1 – Focus internally

Encourage those who work/participate in your organization to have these important conversations with their families and to complete an advance directive of they would like (no pressure, but encouragement).

Here are some ideas:

  • First, find a champion. Someone in your organization is likely very passionate about this and would be great to lead the effort.
  • Plan a time when your employees/civic group members, etc. can get information on advance directives (set up table in cafeteria, lobby, etc.). 
  • Maybe host a drawing among all who either have an advance directive already or who make time to complete one.
  • Download copies to distribute: The Conversation Guide, Alabama’s advance directive form and this short, Alabama information brochure.
  • Send an email to your employees with instructions on the event or on ways to get more information. 
  • Use one of these videos on your Intranet and/or website or email to your contacts.
  • Click for information on Alabama’s advance directives, pediatric directive and portable DNAR. 

Step 2 – Promote these conversations externally

  • Utilize this toolkit complete with social media posts to encourage others to have the conversations.
  • Don’t forget about using the videos
  • Create a link on your webpage to this webpage for copies of Alabama’s advance directives and DNAR forms.
  • Encourage your staff/members to share the information with their friends and respective church and civic groups.  Provide them with the Alabama brochure.
  • Maybe host an educational event (sample email invitation). If you need someone to speak, contact Carol Snowden at the Alabama Hospital Association to help arrange for one.
  • As with all community outreach, be sure to consider potential cultural barriers and adjust your communications to address those.  For example, for those who distrust the healthcare system already, the person delivering the advance care message will be very important.