About Alabama’s Hospitals


Most people don’t think about hospitals until they have to use them.  Yet, there is a lot that goes on inside the walls of a hospital … healing, hope and employment for hundreds of people.   Here are some things you may not know about Alabama’s hospitals.

Quick facts:
  • 106 general, community hospitals, plus additional specialty hospitals
  • 59,000 babies born each year
  • Almost 600,000 inpatients and 8.7 million outpatient visits annually
  • Click for a hospital directory, including links by county.
 Huge economic impact:
  • Employ 90,000 people statewide, plus another 96,000 jobs indirectly
  • Provide about $4.5 billion in salaries and benefits, which results in another $2.9 billion indirectly for a total of $7.4 billion in labor income for the state.
  • Overall economic impact is $20.4 billion each year!
 Continually improving care:
Threats to these assets:

There are several financial challenges facing hospitals that we believe community leaders should know about, ones that threaten the viability of many hospitals:

  • Expenses continue to rise.
  • Revenue continues to decrease.
  • Alabama’s hospitals get paid almost half as much as hospitals in other states due to inequitable payment formula. Learn more.
  • About 15 percent of Alabama’s adults don’t have insurance, and hospitals provide more than $500 million each year in free care.
  • The result is that 75 percent of Alabama’s hospitals are currently operating in the red.  Read more.