Medicaid Expansion

It’s time to invest in a Healthy Alabama.

Alabama can provide health coverage to an estimated 340,000 more adults, create 30,000 new jobs and enjoy an economic impact in the billions.  Find out more about how we can do this using a solution that’s best for our state. Visit for more information. Also be sure to follow us on ALHealthMatters Facebook page and ALHealthMatters Twitter.

NEW: Updated regional impact sheets to include more information can be found here, find your county/region.  Print them, post them… USE THEM.

One-page summary report: Reports Build Strong Case for Medicaid Expansion in Alabama

Resources from 3.3.21

Medicaid in Alabama Fact Sheet

Resources from 2.1.19:
Hospital Financial Fact Sheet
Reports Build Strong Case for Medicaid Expansion
Report: Medicaid Expansion in Alabama: Revisiting the Economic Case for Expansion by David J. Becker, Ph.D.
Report: Alabama Medicaid Expansion by Manatt (Summary of Estimated Costs and Savings)

9.20.18 Release:  Hospitals Launch Medicaid Expansion Public Awareness Initiative