Hospital Billing Toolkit

As both the media and the public increase their scrutiny of hospital bills (largely due to higher co-pays and premiums), it becomes critical that hospitals make their billing processes as user friendly as possible and prepare to respond to questions about their bills.  The following resources were developed by the AlaHA Price Transparency Workgroup.  We hope they are helpful in reviewing your billing practices, drafting policies and communicating with your key audiences.

Hospital Tools:

  • Hospital billing best practices – Statement hospitals can use with their boards and management to help frame the hospital’s work on billing practices.
  • Hospital Self Assessment– Tool to help determine the percent of revenue dependent on charges and thus assess what’s at stake if you decide to revise your chargemaster.
  • Estimator checklist for listing hospital average charges for most common procedures (resource for providing quick billing estimates).
  • Hospital charges – What’s already available from Medicare and what’s required for hospitals based on the ACA.
  • Resources for addressing billing and transparency.
  • Requirements regarding financial assistance policies – summary of Alabama law and federal law/regulation.
  • Answers to Tough Questions regarding hospital billing.

Information for Hospital Staff:

  • PowerPoint – Use to enlighten staff on increasing questions from consumers and to let them know how to handle questions/comments.
  • Sample scripts for frontline billing staff.

Education for Consumers:

  • Sample messages for hospital websites.
  • Flyer describing how to get an estimate of the hospital bill. (Hospitals will need to customize to provide contact information).