Trustee Resources

There are a number of resources available to assist hospital trustees in their governance role.  This page provides a partial list, along with links to other websites.

Trustee Certification

Alabama Hospital Trustee Certification – For a downloadable brochure, Becoming a Certified Hospital Trustee, which includes the Interest Form, click here. For specifics on how the program is administered, click here.

Presentation: The Role of Hospital Board Members in Today’s Environment

AlaHA staff developed this presentation that highlights the key roles and responsibilities of board members, along with the challenges faced.  If you would like a staff member to provide this presentation to your board, contact Rosemary Blackmon.

Trustee Education Videos

Trustee Video on Qui Tam Lawsuits – Jim Hoover, a partner with AlaHA sponsor Burr & Forman LLP,  produced a terrific educational video for hospital trustees that explains Qui Tam lawsuits, the False Claims Act and the trustees’ role in ensuring compliance and avoiding incidents. The video was made in conjunction with the Alabama Council of Hospital Trustees (ACHT); it’s 17 minutes long and would make a great presentation for an upcoming board meeting. Watch the video.

Fiduciary Duties of Hospital Trustees and Directors – Produced by Gilpin Givhan, PC, this video is available here. Click here for the handout to accompany.

Gross Charges versus Net Revenue – Produced by Draffin & Tucker, LLP, this educational video is available here. Click here for the handout to accompany this video.

A Trustee’s Guide to Population Health: Building New Foundations Linking Care with Community: This video series, offered by the Americian Hospital Association, is designed to provide trustees with an overview of population health strategies, the foundational capabilities that health care leaders are using to redesign care, the importance of developing new partnerships, as well as specific actions for how trustees can participate with their organization’s leadership team to advance health within their community. Six new video modules are available for boards to view along with a discussion guide designed to prompt discussion conversation and reflection. 

MACRA 101 video series is a high level discussion with American Hospital Association (AHA) policy experts designed to educate hospitals, clinicians and trustees. In addition to the video series, “MACRA Minutes” are available to offer key information on a variety of topics in a short, quick format.

“Eliminating Harm, Improving Patient Care: A Trustee Guide” is a how-to resource, designed for boards of trustees but also immensely useful for other senior leaders and for quality chairs. This resource includes 10 modules with 8-minute videos, pre-viewing questions and key takeaways.  Links to videos


Board Chair Performance Evaluation: In this webinar governance expert Jamie Orlikoff reviews the rationale for board board chair evaluation, and outlines the step by step process for establishing an effective and productive board chair evaluation process.

Board Risk and Executive Compensation in Health Care: This webinar will examine how health care boards can address challenges with the transformation of care changes to include: identifying board risk in the business strategy, expanding the board’s role, communication, and utilization of best practices from other industries in the area of executive compensation.

Revisiting the Mission: The Board’s Role: This webinar encourages hospital leaders and trustees to take a look at their facility’s mission statement to ensure it aligns with current strategic and market values.

Innovation: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Start:  This webinar is available to help hospital governing boards, senior executives and other clinical leaders learn practical approaches for developing organizational agility while managing a health system experiencing disruptions.

Gearing Up for Population Health: How Boards Can Lead with Influence: This webinar will provide an outline of the key steps needed to meet the challenge for implementing the shift to population health management.

Provider-sponsored Risk: Insights for Trustees: This webinar, presented in two 20-minute segments, is a conversation led by Paul Keckley, PhD, Managing Director, Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis with key Navigant leaders.

An Accountable Care Organization Overview:  This webinar will help hospital boards better understand ACO concepts and how Medicare ACOs can be part of an organization’s strategy to move from volume-to-value.

A Value-Based Care Overview:  The value-based care transformation has hit the news in a big way recently. In this webinar, George Lynn, former two-term chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Hospital Association and Phil Kamp, CEO of Valence Health, will provide five thought-provoking questions for your group to explore and discuss.

Provider-Sponsored Health Plans: Considerations for Governing Boards: This webinar, presented by Valence Health, will help hospital boards engage in a candid conversation about the realities of starting and successfully running a provider-sponsored health plan.

Sample Forms

The following forms were developed by the board of the Alabama Council of Hospital Trustees for use by local boards. Each hospital should carefully review the forms and adjust as needed before using them, particularly to revise for the type of board, e.g., governing versus advisory board.

>>  Individual Board Member Evaluation

>>  Evaluation of Full Board

>>  CEO Evaluation, Guidelines for CEO Evaluations

* We acknowledge the trustee leaders from the Iowa Hospital Association for allowing us to borrow liberally from their documents.

Toolkits for Trustees

Redefining the H  (toolkit to assist hospital boards and other leaders in exploring what it means to be a hospital in a rapidly transforming environment).

Books & Other Publications:

AHA News, AHA News Now, Hospitals and Health Networks – All of these publications provide excellent information for hospital leaders.  Click here to view current issues of each publication.

Guide to Good governance – Download guide (board’s role – strategic direction, credentialing, sample policies, tools)

• Good governance practices re. CEO evaluation/compensation 

• The Excellent Board (Books I and II)- These publications contain selected articles from Trustee magazine on issues ranging from new technology to patient safety to CEO compensation.  Click here for more information.

• Getting to Great – This book, written by Dennis Pointer and Jamie Orlikoff, presents a set of principles and best practices that, when implemented, will enhance the quality of governance.

• Better CEO-Board Relations – This book provides a wide variety of perspectives gathered from 15 of the best Trustee magazine articles on improving relationships between board members and CEOS.  It includes advice on CEO recruitment, compensation, communication and the chair-CEO relationship.  Click here for more information.

• A Great Board: Building and Enhancing Non-profit Boards – After experience with nonprofit boards as a CEO, trustee and board chair, Howard Berman shares his insights on what works and what doesn’t and includes his nine benchmark principles.  Click here for more information.

• Boards That Deliver: Advancing Corporate Governance From Compliance to Competitive Advantage – Finally, a book that brings the vision of truly good governance down to earth. Ram Charan, expert in corporate governance and best-selling author, packs this book with useful tools and techniques for board members. Click here for information.

Web sites:

AHA Trustee Services – Website for the professional forum for hospital trustees that provides a number of online resources and other tools to assist trustees including speakers, educational opportunities. Also provides information on governance trends and effective practices and provides extensive resources for hospital and health system boards of trustees such as sample policies, practices and tools.

American Hospital Association – This is the main Web site for the American Hospital Association providing good information on key hospital issues, along with laws and regulations that impact hospitals and their patients.

Board Source – This organization is dedicated to providing information and other tools to assist nonprofit board of directors and is not exclusive to health care.

Hospital Compare  -This is the national Web site that provides hospital-specific information regarding the quality of care provided to patients with heart attacks, heart failure, pneumonia and other conditions.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -This not-for-profit organization is dedicating to improving patient safety in hospitals. Responsible for the 5 Million Lives Campaign, the IHI provides good resources for hospitals, including information for board members.

Joint Commission – This is the organization that provides voluntary accreditation to hospitals and posts certain hospital-specific quality information.

National Quality Forum  – This not-for-profit organization was created to develop and implement a national strategy for healthcare quality measurement and reporting. The site includes information about the NQF’s efforts, along with other resources on hospital quality.

•Jamie Orlikoff and Jim Reinertsen have created Orlikoff Reinertsen Boardworks (ORB), a media learning resource for governing boards and senior leaders in health care.

Quorum Health Resources (QHR) – QHR provides a variety of resources to support hospital board members.  Click here for a list of upcoming Webinars presented by the QHR Learning Institute.  Webinars, unless otherwise indicated, are free to attend. Recordings of trustee programs are archived, click here to access.

Trustee and Community Leadership  – Provides information on advocacy, trustee resources and the American Hospital Association’s (AHA’s) Committee on Governance.

Witt/Kieffer offers white papers for information on a number of leadership issues ranging from CEO searches to board education and diversity.  The company publishes original research, trend analysis and articles authored by the firm’s thought leaders who offer insights on leadership and other challenges in the healthcare sector.