Quality Info

Alabama’s hospitals take great pride in providing quality health care for their patients, and they want you to know more about it.  By clicking the links below, you can get information about your local hospital’s quality activities, as well as hospitals across the state.  Of course, one of the best ways to feel good about your health care is to ask questions of your doctor, your nurse and anyone who is treating you.  It’s been proven that outcomes are better when patients are active partners in their care.

Hospital Compare – Click here to find out about the care hospitals are providing to patients with specific conditions.  The site provides hospital-specific information and is expanded each year.  In addition to the information on clinical care, the site includes responses from patient surveys revealing how patients rated their hospital stay.

Joint Commission – This national organization inspects hospitals to ensure they meet certain quality standards. Click here to learn which hospitals are accredited by this organization.

5 Million Lives – Alabama is one of the few states in which almost every hospital is participating in this national program to share resources and improve patient care. Click here to learn more about the effort.

Color-coded wristbands – Many hospitals use certain colors to alert staff to various patient conditions, such as allergies, and Alabama’s hospitals worked to standardize the colors.

Fighting infections – Alabama is also leading the country in its efforts to prevent hospital-acquired infections.  Click here to find out more.

Medication Safety – Click here for information on how you can work with your health care provider to ensure you are taking the right medicines when you are in the hospital.