Send a Valentine to a Healthcare Employee

Our healthcare staff have been working tirelessly since March to help those affected by the virus. They have successfully treated thousands of Alabamians, often working six or seven days a week with no real breaks.  They’ve created additional bed space in a matter of hours, learned new therapies and compassionately held the hands of those who were seriously ill or dying.  They deserve our thanks, and we are hoping you’ll join us by sending them Valentines.

What you can do:

  • Send Valentines to hospital staff – Email to get the name of your local hospital public relations contact.  Then, send as many valentines as you can to arrive before Feb. 14.  Don’t forget that it’s not just the doctors and nurses who need our encouragement, but also the respiratory therapists, housekeepers, pharmacists, and all of the healthcare workers.
  • Get your church involved, your book club, or civic group and have them send notes/Valentines as well.  We are grateful that our state’s Scout troops are helping with this effort. If you have a scout in the family, be sure his/her troop knows about the effort.

Download a Valentine or Coloring Sheet to Send to Hospitals:

Click here to download Click here to download Click here to download


Click here to download

Sample Social Media Messages – Use the hashtag #HospitalsHaveHeart

  • For nearly a year our healthcare employees have been facing COVID-19 on the front lines. Share your gratitude and tell us why you are thankful for our healthcare employees in the comments below. #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart
  • We love our healthcare workers! Click the link below to download and send a valentine to your local hospital. #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart
  • Have a little one who wants to share their gratitude with our healthcare workers? Click the link below to download printable valentines or a coloring sheet that you can customize and send to your local hospital! #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart
  • Are you an elementary school teacher, children’s church minister, or a troop leader? The Alabama Hospital Association has provided printable valentines and a coloring sheet that kids (and adults!) can customize and send to local hospitals. Click the link below to learn more. #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart
  • How can you spread love to our healthcare workers this Valentine’s Day? Donate to Protect the Heroes and help us secure critical resources for our front line staff. #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart
  • Does your organization or civic group want to give back to local healthcare workers this Valentine’s Day? Click the link below for resources on how you can help healthcare workers in your own community! #ALHospitals #HospitalsHaveHeart

Other ideas:

  • Great idea from Marshall Medical Centers – AlaHA will be sending all hospitals some yard signs with the graphic shown at the top of the page.  However, we encourage you to take this and run with it.  MMCs Foundation is going to be selling these candy hearts to local residents to honor a special healthcare worker.


  • Send valentines cookies or other snacks
  • Get groups together to do sidewalk art (be sure to coordinate with hospital public relations department)
  • Make a donation through Protect the Heroes

Most of all – Do your part to prevent the spread.  The only way to give our healthcare providers a break is to decrease the number of COVID-19 cases.  We all have the power to do something about that.  So, wear your mask, stay at least six feet away from others, wash your hands frequently, and avoid large crowds.