State Agencies/Organizations

Certificate of Need (CON) Board
Board that uses the state health plan and all applicable testimony to approve or disapprove provider applications for beds, services, etc.

Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of
Licensing and regulatory agency for dentists and dental hygienists.

Emergency Medical Services, Office of
Department within the Alabama Department of Public Health that advises on rules regarding Emergency Medical Services laws and provides training and licensure for emergency medical personnel.

Human Resources, Department of
Promotes the unified development of welfare activities of the state and local governments, including: financial assistance, social services, food stamps, child support, welfare in emergencies, and multiple child welfare responsibilities.

Industrial Relations, Department of
Administers programs relating to unemployment compensation and worker’s compensation.

Labor, Department of
Investigates and mediates labor disputes. Responsible for administration of a state occupational safety and health program. Assists employers with record keeping and reporting responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Licensure Advisory Board
Advises on licensing of health care providers.

Medicaid Agency, Alabama
Provides health insurance coverage for Alabamians at a certain percentage of the federal poverty level. Coverage includes services such as inpatient hospitalization, physician care, dental care, and long-term care.

Medical Examiners, State Board of
Conducts examinations of all individuals seeking to practice medicine or osteopathy. Issues certificates of qualification for successful applicants to the Medical Licensure Commission.

Medical Licensure Commission, State of Alabama
Final authority for all individuals licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy. Conducts hearings for revocation actions.

Mental Health, Alabama Department of
The state agency responsible for serving Alabama citizens with intellectual disabilities, mental illnesses, and substance use disorders.

Nursing, Board of
Examines, licenses and renews licenses of qualified applicants for professional or practical nursing and approves qualified applicants for advanced specialty practice.

Optometry, Alabama Board of
Regulates and licenses the practice of optometry.

Pharmacy, State Board of
Supervises and licenses pharmacists.

Physical Therapy, Board of
Establishes minimum qualifications for entry into the profession and issues and renews certificates of registration.

Podiatry, State Board of
Licenses and regulates the practice of podiatry.

Psychology, Board of Examiners in
Regulates the practice of psychology.

Public Health, Alabama Department of
Exercises general control over the enforcement of laws relating to public health. Initiates and executes primary and secondary preventive medical programs.

Radiation Control
Division of the Alabama Department of Public Health established to protect the public from hazards of ionizing radiation. Makes inspections as necessary to determine compliance with rules governing ionizing radiation.

Senior Services, Department of
Develops and implements a coordinated, comprehensive service system for older Alabamians. Authorized to investigate complaints concerning health care facilities and domiciliary or residential facilities.

Social Work Examiners, State Board of
Licenses qualified social workers.

Speech Pathology and Audiology, Alabama Board of Examiners for
Issues professional licenses to qualified individuals seeking to practice speech pathology and/or audiology in Alabama.

Statewide Health Coordinating Council
Advises the State Health Planning and Development Agency on matters relating to health planning and resource development and performs other functions delegated to it in the area of health planning.

State Health Planning and Development Agency
Responsible for preparation and administration of the state health plan and is the designated state agency for health statistics and for administration of Alabama’s Certificate of Need program.