New Coronavirus Updates and Strategies from the CDC, HHS

 Friday, February 14, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week updated its guidance and resources for U.S. health care personnel that could potentially be exposed to coronavirus. This update provides new guidance on assessment of risk, monitoring, and work restriction decisions. The CDC this week also released strategies for conserving personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies in hospitals.

Some state laboratories are reporting issues with the coronavirus test kits sent by the CDC, citing that the kits produced inconclusive results when performing routine trial tests, not specimen testing on patients. The CDC will manufacture new reagents to send to the laboratories that reported issues in the coming days.

HHS this week expanded an existing partnership with Janssen Research & Development, the same group that developed the Ebola vaccine, to expedite the development of a coronavirus vaccine. The two entities will share research and development costs and expertise to accelerate Janssen’s coronavirus vaccine into clinical evaluation, in addition to the production and manufacturing capabilities necessary for Janssen to produce the vaccine.

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