AlaHA Snapshot 4.4.20

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AIMS Map and Regional Coordinator contact information
Approval Process for Alternate Care Sites
Summary of Federal Waiver Provisions
AHA letter to HHS and CMS re: CARES Act and AHA Statement
AHA letter to the Small Business Administration

Link to confirmed cases and testing sites


AIMS Reporting – Data is requested three times a day as follows: 8:00 a.m. bed availability and ventilator use; 12:00 noon bed availability and ventilator use AND PPE needs, both current and projected for the next 30-days; 8:00 p.m bed availability and ventilator use. The ADPH asks that you not follow any guidance you may be given to the contrary with regard to reporting into AIMS.

IMPORTANT – While you are reporting urgent and immediate needs through AIMS, it is important for you to also contact your ADPH Emergency Preparedness Regional Coordinator for assistance with these needs.  Their role in helping to locate resources locally through a variety of sources is significant and complimentary to statewide efforts in responding to urgent needs.  Map and Regional Coordinator contact information attached.



Approval Process for Alternate Care Sites – Attached is a short package that has been developed by the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Provider Standards to assist health care providers in obtaining approval for alternate care sites during the COVID-19 health care emergency. The Department noted the abbreviated process will enable providers to proceed expeditiously in an effort to respond to the emergency, while preserving the intent and requirements of the CMS blanket waivers. As detailed in the letter, an email box for submission is being set up by the Department, and all relevant information is in the process of being posted on the Department’s coronavirus website.


Hospitals interested in applying for an alternate site should review the attached, check with their legal counsel for further guidance, and as always contact AlaHA staff if you have additional questions.



Good Summary of Federal Waiver Provisions – The American Hospital Association (AHA) has posted on its website a detailed summary of the various waiver provisions dating back to March 1.



Hospitals Urge Quick Relief from CARES Act – The AHA has asked the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to directly and expediently distribute to rural and urban hospitals and health systems funds from the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund that were designated for providers in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Read the full letter for details on how AHA proposed that HHS and CMS distribute the funds to hospitals and health systems, as well as the types of costs and lost revenue that should be eligible for funds.  Read the AHA statement about the need to quickly support hospitals during this critical time.



AHA urges SBA to ensure hospitals can participate in CARES Act loan program – The AHA has also sent a letter to the Small Business Administration to ensure that small- and mid-size hospitals are allowed to apply for and receive loans under the SBA Paycheck Protection Program that was established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Specifically, AHA asked SBA to either issue guidance stating that small- and mid-size hospitals and related health care providers are eligible to apply for and receive PPP loans and are not subject to affiliation requirements, or issue regulations waiving affiliation requirements to apply for and receive PPP loans. In addition, AHA asked SBA to waive regulations that would prevent hospitals and health systems with a prior loss to the government (including bankruptcy) from being eligible for these loans.


Call with CMS Administrator – Today, Seema Verma, CMS Administrator, hosted a call to address questions around workforce issues.  While callers stressed the need to quickly get PPE to health care workers and reduce lab result time to help conserve PPE use on PUI patients, they also urged the Administrator to use the Cares Act to help fund hospital employees who are on “stand by” awaiting the anticipated surges of patients.

Some of the questions CMS is continuing to explore/clarify:


Can residents from one hospital be used at another hospital without affecting the other hospital’s ability to have resident programs in the future?


CMS said the 72-hour waiver for SNF admissions would also apply to swing beds under the Medicare Conditions of Participation.  However, CMS wasn’t sure about payments and plans to provide more clarification on billing.


Currently, hospitals can provide Medicare notices via alternate means with COVID-19 patients, but CMS was asked to include all patients and is exploring.


Could hospitals be reimbursed for Medicare procedures listed as inpatient only if they are able to provide the service on an outpatient basis?  How would they will?  CMS exploring.