AlaHA Broadband Consortium

The Alabama Hospital Association Broadband Consortium is a cost-effective way for member hospitals and their affiliated clinics and other sites to access the broadband subsidies through the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund.  AlaHA is utilizing the management services and expertise of the Federal Funding Group, a company that specializes in federal funding applications for building community communication infrastructure.

Hospitals Eligible to Join the Consortium:

  • Rural public or not-for-profit hospitals
  • Non-rural hospitals may participate if they belong to a consortium that has a majority rural providers.
  • Large hospitals (400 + patient beds) are eligible, but support is capped if non-rural.

Types of services eligible for federal subsidies:

  • Broadband services
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewall services
  • Construction, engineering, inspection services, management services and make ready costs
  • Network management services
  • Fiber
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Network design, maintenance and equipment
  • PRIs
  • SIP

Link to Healthcare Connect Fund website for additional information on program

How to join the consortium:

  • Download and complete the Consortium application packet.
  • Contact Kathy Leiser at FFG to find out more about the program and the benefits of the Consortium. (Even if you already participate in the Healthcare Connect Fund program with another provider, you may still want to check with FFG to be sure there are not any additional subsidies that could be received).  To reach Kathy by phone dial (720) 635-1828.

If you have any other questions, email Rosemary Blackmon or Jane Knight or call them at (800) 489-2542.