Listed below are professional organizations affiliated with the Alabama Hospital Association.

To join an organization: Contact the Alabama Hospital Association’s Public Relations Department at (800) 489-2542 or email

To start an organization: Click here for information on forming a professional organization.

Information for officers of affiliated organizations: Click here to obtain information on benefits and other resources.

» Auxiliaries, Alabama Council of Hospital (ACHA)

» Consumer Advocacy, Alabama Society for Healthcare (ASHCA)

» Directors of Volunteer Services, Alabama Society of (ALSDVS)

» Engineering, Alabama Society for Healthcare (AlaSHE)

» Executive Secretaries/Administrative Professionals, Alabama Society for Healthcare (AlaSHES/AP)

» Financial Management Association, Healthcare (HFMA)

» Health Information Management, Alabama Association of (AAHIM)

» Healthcare Educators of Alabama (HEAL)

» Healthcare Executives Forum, Alabama (AHEF)

» Human Resource Professionals, Alabama Healthcare (AHHRP)

» Information and Management Systems Society, Healthcare (HIMSS)

» Materiel Management, Alabama Society for Healthcare (ASHMM)

» Medical Staff Services, Alabama Association (AAMSS)

» Nurse Anesthetists, The Alabama Association of (ALANA)

» Nursing Leadership, Alabama Organization for (AlaONL)

» Pharmacists, Alabama Society of Health System (AlSHP)

» Public Relations & Marketing Society, Alabama Healthcare (AHPRMS)

» Respiratory Care, Inc., Alabama Society for (ASRC)

» Social Workers, Alabama Society for Health Care (ASHCSW)

» Trustees, Alabama Council of Hospital (ACHT)