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About Heartlink

Alabama Hospital Association Training Center

HeartLink was formed in 1997 when the Alabama Society for Health and Education Training (AlaSHET) asked AlaHA to consider becoming an American Heart Association Training Center. A Training Center is the centralized administrative office, which allows our hospitals (and possibly other interested parties) to teach American Heart Association-approved basic and/or advanced adult and pediatric life support training courses. Formerly, these services were provided directly by the American Heart Association through its Birmingham affiliate office. However, the American Heart Association decided that by placing the Emergency Cardiovascular Care program in the community as an integral part of its day-to-day life, public awareness and education in basic and advanced life support would increase, and more lives would be saved.

The model AlaSHET envisioned is one training center office for all Alabama hospitals and possibly for others who need CPR training – such as EMT groups, firemen, industry, etc. Educators at HeartLink’s 67 training sites located throughout Alabama do the actual CPR training. Training sites pay an annual fee to offset the expenses of providing this service. Training sites can also purchase CPR cards and other training materials through HeartLink.

If you are interested in becoming a training site through HeartLink, please contact Debbie Stuckey at (334) 272-8781 or